Shame or Glory

Shame or Glory (2016)
Created by Allenby
Starring Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, Hannah Waddingham, Daniel Birnbaum
Running Time: 03:07

SodaStream’s latest ad advocation public shaming for harming Mother Earth.

Review: Only the best people in the world will appreciate this short ad, and I can only pity the non-Game of Thrones fans out there who won’t get it. Piss-takes (aka parodies) are one of my favourite types of comedy so I literally gushed at SodaSteam’s recent campaign that puts a playful twist on one of TV’s most iconic scenes. SodaStream’s own CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, bravely puts himself forth for a public shaming by GoT’s Septa Unella who hilariously haunts him through the supermarket and out into the streets because he’s bought polluting plastic bottled water for The Mountain when he should have recycled and made fizzy water with a SodaStream instead. The onlookers and extras provide background fun as they descend from giving snide disapproving tuts into practically inciting a riot against the poor bloke. The Mountains English is terrible yet his performance is class thanks to him delivering lines thanking Mother Earth for giving us both Matthew McConaughey and peanuts. The sales spiel is kept short and there’s a weird stinger at the end, but as this combines the greatest show on the earth ever and my ever longing childhood dream for a SodaStream that never came true thanks to my mother wanting me to keep my own teeth, I doth this short five out of five!

As reviewed by Lee Hamilton


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