You have to be joking? Jim Tavare


The joke that I loved but no one else did?

That sounds like my entire act…

Actually, in my case, the opposite to be true. I find that the jokes I hate are the ones the audience love.

For years my opening routine involved a faulty mic and a plug socket that blows up on stage. I’d have to set it up before the audience arrived -which was a pain. Sometimes the pyro would cause the smoke alarms to go off resulting in me finishing the show in the car park after the audience were evacuated.

As soon as I gave up the bit everyone insisted I bring it back!


The joke that worked but you are not proud it had.

My wife of 11 years…and that’s quite old for a filipino…”

Good evening my name is Jim. Old friends still call me Ginge….. I’ll show you afterwards”


The comedians that made you want to be a comedian.

Víctor Borge for the musical comedy.

Tommy Cooper for his funny bones

Steven Wright for his Sheer comedic intellect.


The Last thing that made me cry with laughter

Medical Marijuana.


Jim Tavare:From Deadpan to Bedpan

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