Nina Conti is Monkey

August 25, 2018

Nina Conti is an award winning comedian who started her career as an actress before transitioning into ventriloquism in 2008, she’s back at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2018 with her new show Nina Conti […]

Found Footage Festival: After Dark

August 22, 2018

  Two voyeurs for the strange, childhood friends Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have rummaged through bargain buckets, thrift shops and more to curate compilations to bring a finely packed hour of laugh out loud […]

Great British Mysteries: 1599?

August 22, 2018

  Sketch double act ‘Cloak & Dagger Club’ debuted their first show ‘Great British Mysteries’ at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, they are back again in 2018 with their new show ‘Great British Mysteries: 1599?’ […]

Rory O’Keeffe: The 37th Question

August 19, 2018

The 37th Question is a weird one to talk about because of its ambitions. Not quite a comedy show, not quite a drama, not quite a full storytelling experience, it aims to be a mix […]

Lee Kyle: Kicking Potatoes Into The Sea

August 19, 2018

  I can’t recall in my Fringe going experience ever going to a comedy show before 11 in the morning. I can’t say if Lee Kyle was giving slim pickings for a room and time […]

Bark and B

August 14, 2018

  Bark is a tree, B is a naked cotton lady. The show itself is just as bizarre as that brief description sounds, both the show and the puppets themselves are designed, performed and operated […]

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