Found Footage Festival: After Dark


Two voyeurs for the strange, childhood friends Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have rummaged through bargain buckets, thrift shops and more to curate compilations to bring a finely packed hour of laugh out loud films that serve as a reminder, that America was just as weird before the circus took office; The Found Footage Festival.

There’s a good solid mix of found hidden delights, homemade videos and some things that made it to broadcast that will leave you baffled, a docu-series investigating wounds with some questionable choice editing, the angriest man in the world, a dancer that could have his own fringe show form the eclectic mix for tonight’s viewing. Do be warned, the show is fairly uncensored, often the most extreme videos, where rudimentary technology encroached into the world of eroticism, are the particular highlights of the hour.

Joe & Nick will often commentate over the videos with their own jokes and insights. Sometimes these add value but other times they can over milk the content. What really does make the show are the anecdotes as to how Joe and Nick come across the videos or even going to meet some of the subjects and makers of the films, revealing they’re truly interested in the subjects rather than cementing them as the butt of the joke.

A word of warning and this is not their fault, the room doesn’t really cater for a screen as the seating is not raked, I was often along with some of the audience at the back, trying to see past the person’s head in front. So get their early and up front if you don’t want this inconvenience. But overall a true fun late night and unique Fringe experience by two people who know how to entertain a room. You’ve Been Framed on acid.


Chris Aitken

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