Bec Hill – Out Of Order

Bec Hill is UK based Australian comedian, who has been performing stand up since 2006 is back again at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with her show Bec Hill – Out of Order.

The basic premise of the show is the audience gets to decide the order of the show by choosing titles from, the board in the center of the stage. Hill is high energy fun for an hour during an often exhausting Festival, she isn’t just high energy but brings the audience along and energises them along with her. Topics ranging from the best rude hand gesture, fighting ducks for dinner, a heckle from a gynaecologist and even a song about how Elon Musk definitely isn’t a supervillian, this is an hour of fun filled frivolity and escapism with jokes, songs silliness and some fun ‘paper puppetry’ that if you’re aware of Hills work you’ll already be familiar with. This is an excellent hour of comedy from someone who knows their craft well and is charming and engaging as a host. There are no majorly heavy topics this year and the whole point in the show is to lose yourself and maybe forget about the state of world for a bit.

Is the out of order, audience decides angle a bit of a gimmick? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter as this is still a brilliant hour of comedy that you should try and catch during the Fringe.

★★★★ and a half

Euan Tennant

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