Edinburgh Fringe Review – David Trent: Live at the Pleasance Courtyard


Even before he hits the stage David Trent has the audience’s giggle boxes in full muscular flex via the power of some live action personal written messages setting out a few formalities. He’s full on ready and looks good to give his all, unlike the microphone that isn’t even on or working for that matter. Cue some embarrassing stage shuffling from the technical staff and a few good hearted jibes at their expense, David is back on track and it’s essential that he is because the next hour is a wonderful carefully planned and well rehearsed  performance between man and machine, well projector.

The show is centred around a series of several targets from popular culture, politics and a room mate. He swoons with infectious aggressive energy as he tears apart figureheads and organisations. Although it can be said they are fairly easy targets to assassinate, it’s his own unique imagination, depth of thought and use of filmed invention that separate him from someone writing a quick satyrical gag for a comedy panel show. As a former primary teacher, there is an air of the show being a very over the top but very funny media lecture, but it’s easy to see why he feels the need to be riled up whilst the public can act blind to an abundance of amoral figures presented as cultural icons and public leaders.

Although early into the festival and with a solid reputation behind him, geared with a wonderful imagination and invention, David Trent should be in for another good few weeks ahead of him in Edinburgh by taking  the ‘projector’ routine the extra mile whilst the others are still using holiday photos.




Chris Aitken

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