Paul Foot – ‘Tis a pity she’s a piglet’

I’m honestly at a loss as to how I am meant to describe the hour of insanity that spills forth from the depths of Foot’s mind other than it being a very Paul Foot hour. Flitting from one side of the stage to another almost as fast as he changes the subject, Foot is an amazingly energetic and hyperactive comedian who keeps the audiences attention by never for a second letting them get bored and having their mind wander off. With topics ranging from an imaginary couple on Twitter using Foot’s show as a way to save their relationship to a toy crucifixion and from a paranoid Oscar Pistorius to repeatedly punching a monkey it’s impossible to predict where he’ll go next.

OK, but is it funny? I hear you ask, undoubtedly so, it’s creative and fast paced and very funny throughout. Don’t go expecting an hour of classic stand up go in with an open mind or a mind so far gone off the deep end that you might be able to make sense of the madness.

★★★★ (and a half)

Euan Tennant

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