Mug (Twarz)

The charismatic Mateusz Kościukiewicz stars as Jacek, a free spirited bad boy who works helping to build a massive statue of Christ and gets engaged to the equally carefree Dagmara (Małgorzata Gorol). After an accident, Jacek’s face has to be rebuilt and the film becomes a farcical comedy drama as friends and family become wary of his new look.

Opening with a surreal scene of a “Black Friday” type sale at an electronics store, with the exception that everyone has to be in their underwear to participate, for some reason, our lead actor is in amongst the fray somewhere and leaves with a brand new tv. This is never mentioned again there’s nothing that relates back to this initial opening scene throughout the entire plot, this is a problem throughout there are elements of the film that are so shallow that it does nothing to engage the audience, or to provide us with character depth or growth or even move the plot forward. We are expected to sympathise with the lead character and yet we are given no reason to do so, he has zero character arc and no real depth, we are told he wants to move to London that he is a “bad boy” but we’re never shown anything about it. The rest of the characters are so unbearably unlikeable that its hard to find anything to care about, their often racist and bigoted views and jokes go entirely unchallenged throughout. It is possible this is meant to be representative of rural Poland or a commentary on it, but I have no idea as I have never been and it just feels like none of the characters are worth rooting for and it does not make for an entertaining movie. The story has no real arc and just ends at one point with no real conclusion to anything, leaving all the characters still being as horrible as they were to begin with. The distracting overuse of an incredibly shallow depth of field and focus pull does nothing to help the audience and is almost headache inducing. There are some beautiful shots at times but they are often ruined by appearing like someone has smeared vaseline on the lens in an attempt to force the audience to look at only one specific point.

A boring and rambling mess, with only the occasional joke that works, but still wouldn’t be worth the ticket price.

★ at most

Euan Tennant

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