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We were delighted to team up with the fellow reviewing platform The Wee Review to bring a brand new magazine guide for the Edinburgh Fringe 2018; The Wee Short. See with your own eyes below our debut issue.



And this is only the start. We are planning to continue the publication and extend our presence in the arts and entertainment industries by branching out into Glasgow and extending the magazine’s content to include film, music and gaming. Covering exciting events coming to Scotland whilst being a voice for domestically based talent.


About the publications

The Wee Review is Scotland’s year round online art and culture magazine, established in 2008. It has grown to be one of the most prolific Fringe review sites, with nearly 500 reviews across the Edinburgh Festivals in 2017, and around 100,000 visits. It aims to champion the new, the different and the under-rated, and covers all sections of the Fringe brochure. Alternative Fringe magazine Fringepig said The Wee Review produced “far better Fringe media than corporate entities” and rated it more highly than the Independent, the Scotsman and the Telegraph. It was also awarded Best Online Publication at the 2017 Theatre and Technology Awards.

Short Com is an online features and reviews magazine, focusing on comedy and film at major UK festivals. In its initial incarnation, Short Com was one of the leading short comedy film festivals in the UK, but with its reputation for understanding and appreciating good comedy in the industry, professional comics encouraged us to start covering the Fringe as a reviewing platform back in 2013. Short Com had screened in major cities such as London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow, where it was part of the Glasgow Short Film Festival, with its programme presented by Josie Long and Scottish comedy legend Greg Hemphill. During the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the site receives over 100,000 international visits. Short Com has a unique approach to reviewing at the Fringe, by only publishing reviews of acts deemed worthy of recommendation. Short Com has close links to mental health charities and a good relationship to many professional acts.

Target Audience

The magazine will be distributed in key areas to be visible and found for our intended demographics, in Universities, arts venues, cinemas and popular bars and cafes.

Magazine Advertising Rates November Edition

We are now selling advertising space for our next issue to be released in 2019 with a key focus on the Glasgow Film Festival and Glasgow International Comedy Festival. Deadline October the 15th.

Inside Page/Back Page £600

Double Spread Page £1000

Full Page £500

Half Page £260

Quarter Page  £140

To enquire or ask any further questions please contact either Robert Peacock at  or Chris Aitken at



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