Edinburgh Fringe Review – Simon Munnery: Simon Munnery Sings Soren Kierkegaard

Simon Munnery has brought many weird and wonderful characters to the Fringe over the last twenty five years, and the title of this one suggests it may be one of the least accessible. Not a bit of it – this is an hour of straight stand up, weaved around passages from the Danish Philosopher’s body of work, and stories from his life.
You couldn’t hope to do anything heavyweight or comprehensive about such a highbrow subject in an hour, and he doesn’t try, it’s a loose framework for Munnery’s charm-laden jokes and flights of fancy. One of Simon Munnery’s great strengths is having the confidence to believe in lines or bits that will never chime with all of the audience. They are absolutely worth leaving in for the pockets that do appreciate them though, and whenever something doesn’t land he’s swiftly on to the next idea before you’ve really had time to fully process what’s left hanging in the air. These bits will usually return to you a couple of hours later to raise a smile while you’re drinking a coffee.
Fiercely intelligent and quick-witted, he tells us that he’s systematically trying to whittle his audience down to one. But this is anything but an avant-garde crowd-baffler, and an excellent showcase for Munnery’s sharp comic mind.
James Rose
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