Review – Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Short & Curly


Short & Curly: A Ripe Pair

Ciao Roma

3-11 13-18 20-24 August 15:20


I never thought I’d see one of the most enjoyable free Fringe shows in the downstairs of an Italian restaurant, but that’s Edinburgh for you. You can find jazz in a church, cabaret in a pub’s attic, and anarchic, gloriously shambolic sketch comedy in a family-run eatery. Rebecca Shorrocks (Short) and Paul F Taylor (Curly) provide an hour of clever/dumb sketches that rely heavily on crowd participation, so glossophobes may want to sit somewhere in the middle, out of harms way. Not that they abuse the crowd, particularly; they tend to take the brunt of the abuse themselves, going to ridiculous lengths to entertain.

The two run around with an infectious energy, acting with the enthusiasm of deranged children’s TV presenters. Shorrocks and Taylor are excellent at reading the room and are quick to exploit any random occurrence that may happen with crowd participation.They find joy in terrible puns and extreme silliness. They may not supply the most sophisticated and cutting-edge comedy, but there’s no denying it works. Some sketches are much stronger than others, but thankfully it ended on a high that had everyone doubled over in laughter. This show is definitely a crowd-pleaser.



Stuart Addison

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