Sam Simmons: Spaghetti For Breakfast

Sam Simmons struts on the stage like Londonite playboy with the day off. He asks an audience member to pick a brand of cereal he has a selection of three from. From then on, Simmons performs the unexpected and delivers a visual statement to the audience that Spaghetti Breakfast looks set to be hilarious, weird and utter comedy carnage and you have fifteen minutes to decide if for you or not.

Centring around the theme of “Things That Shit Me”, that plays over the speakers as Simmons rips through everyday gripes from tied up cables to people eating flax seeds as a personality quirk. Under a blanket of lunacy this steers away from being social satire and is more ironic bitterness.

For a show that is full-on odd ball, there’s a good display of structure to Spaghetti For Breakfast, with call backs and odds and ends tied up together, as well as a moment of poignancy as Simmons gives a rational explanation as how he has become the type of comedian he is. Throughout the show Simmons does comment regularly on the somewhat lacklustre crowd, it has seemed to unnerve him a bit, although it doesn’t detract him from the delivery of his material. Just before the end, Simmons makes a statement about relatable comic, chastising the media obsession of comics being jean and shirt wearing pretty boys pointing at himself and the carnage around him that comedy is supposed to be a bit nuts. It’s somewhat against the tone of the rest of the show, maybe it’s a statement rooted in frustration as someone at the other side of the comedy spectrum being overlooked. Only Simmons knows and it feels a bit of a shame as Spaghetti for Breakfast is expert lunacy from a rare talent that can easily become one’s favourite comedian.

**** (and  a half).

Chris Aitken

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