Stuart Laws – Stops

People rarely are quite literally too clever for their own good, but Stuart Laws is. Ironic for the man who hates clichés that his jokes were flying over peoples’ heads left, right and centre. Stops is characterised by looping, multi-layered gags that often set up far in advance of the punchline, and many in the room were simply not having it.

Laws is very funny, but a tendency to lose momentum didn’t do much to win back the slower members of the audience. Thankfully, I’m not reviewing their experience, and I can say that with utmost certainty that Stuart Laws truly is too clever for his own good. He plays with language and syntax on a whim, and some of the biggest laughs I had were from this linguistic absurdity.

Laws himself is very likeable, and great with the audience even when they’re not all following with what he’s doing. Not for everyone, but a decidedly smart hour of great comedy that will appeal to fans of the English language as much as fans of a well-constructed joke.


Keiran Burnett

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