The Delightful Sausage – Cold Hard Cache

Not necessarily a rule amongst double acts, but most would be aesthetically similar to one another; The Two Ronnies, Reeves and Mortimer, Jeeves and Wooster, Laurel and Hardy, yet Amy Gledhill dressed as a hot dog and Chris Cantrill looking like he’s wearing his Sunday hangover clothes, they couldn’t be an odder looking duo unless one was actually made of wood. It’s very apparent to the eye that Hard Cache is intended as a silly show, but a good show? Well it’s not in doubt as the first few minutes are a complete riot, the audience descending into raucous and hard laughter pretty much from the get go. Posing as internet gurus, the audience are on a crash course on how to be safe on the internet and how to avoid the dark web. The training video course leader trope is a little bit done but the two get away with it with their fairly unique style of being out of parodying the out of sync routine common amongst sketch and double acts, along with some juvenile wordplay and generally being wonderfully nonsensical.

But whilst hitting the floor running, it’s almost to their downfall, as at times there are lulls and these only feel more apparent because how well they started. Whilst their act is shambolic, it’s evident to see what’s better rehearsed and slick compared to the moments that don’t quite hit their target. A few occasions Cantrill tries to improvise a line that don’t always land. When they do it’s great, but the lack of consistency does let the show down a tad. Some references may go over the head of slightly younger audiences, although someone very aware of the nineties, they suited me perfect.

For a good percentage of the time, the punchlines, physicality are almost irrelevant to what is going on, it’s refreshingly unpredictable. Fans of Reeves and Mortimer will eat this up. The Fringe is too often awash with actors come comedians whose performances are too polished with predictable material that sometimes just raw funny talent gets overlooked or under appreciated and Chris Cantrill and Amy Gledhill have this in abundance. A true delight of an hour that was well spent.


Chris Aitken

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